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Need a cash loan and can't get one due to your credit status or not being employed? If you own a vehicle of value that is fully paid with the bank you could loan against it. Pawn My Car offers a simple and legal way for anyone in South Africa to pawn a car or any other vehicle that you own including boats, trucks, motorcycles which are fully paid (no money owed to the bank or other financial institution). Simply complete the short online form and a consultant will contact you during business hours to arrange a valuation of your vehicle. If you are happy with the loan offer made at the valuation your loan will be paid to you and your vehicle will be stored securely for the duration of the loan and returned to you when repaid in full plus interest. If you have been considering selling your vehicle(s) due to financial concerns, need money and can't get a loan then Pawn My Car is a good option to help you with a secured loan in South Africa.
Don't forget that if you have other assets of value that you would consider loaning against that Borrow Online offer more loan options. You can lend money against property, gold, jewellery, luxury watches, art, antiques and more. Secured loans generally do not require that you are employed, do not involve banks or credit checks and are a good way for anyone with credit problems to get a cash loan when they need it. If you own a car or any other vehicle of value and need a loan then why not see how they can help you, apply online today visit
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Have bad credit and need finance? SA Personal Loans work with a number of independent finance companies in South Africa, all registered with the NCR and will do their best to help you get loans of up to R150 000. Based on the information you provide and your current credit status they will partner you to the most appropriate lender to meet your requirements. If you have bad credit or are blacklisted then they offer an efficient service to help you get a loan with same day approval during office hours. Don't go without cash if you need it when there may be an alternative option, apply today and see if the loan consultants can help you get a loan visit

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